Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing Catch-up

I realize it's been quite a while since I've updated anything, so here's a little catch-me-up...
With the beautiful weather we've had lately, we've been able to get out and work in the garden, which has needed some work ;-)

And as always, taking care of the animals, one of Noah's favorite jobs, I do believe!! He absolutely adores yoyo, our Nigerian Dwarf, who is actually expecting her first baby/babies in about a month.

(Noah feeding yoyo)

Milking Bella, our Pygmy, is quite the challenge, and not because she is so small, but because she does NOT like to be touched! But with my wonderful command-man husband, we've gotten her in-line, and she's gotten a lot better.

(The kiddos helping mommy with the animals)

Josh's brother Jared was in town this past week from Utah, so we were able to enjoy some time with him. We went to the lake, and of course Noah was in heaven! He's my little water-baby...Mercy is NOT...

(Noah with his uncle Jared)-I have one with Mercy, but she wasn't really cooperating.

In the midst of all this my little boy turned TWO! Can't believe it, except for the testing phase he's going through right now...We had Noah's great-grandpa (papa) and great-grandmother (mema) over for dinner that night, and the next day had a surprise visit from his Nuna (my mother) and aunts bringing him a police car...(his daddy is a deputy so Noah has thoroughly enjoyed his "daddy car"). After that we were able to celebrate his birthday with his nana and papa and aunts and uncles!

(Noah enjoys his car from his nuna and pops)

(Do I need to mention that he loves cake?)

We try to go on walks whenever we can. Josh and I love to spend time together outside, and the children love to go on walks! It's a family activity that we really look forward to!