Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Clover Identification

Short-lived perennial, usually abundant on pastures and meadows. The green leaves are stalked and each has three oval leaflets. each leaf contains a distinct "V" marking. You just can't miss it! Globe-shaped flower heads, ranging from pink to purple in color.


Elisha said...

Thanks, I really have loved reading your "identification"'s always nice to be reassured that you are using the right stuff ;) Your pictures are perfect!!!

The Empress said...

Thank you.

We have these in our garden and I don't remember planting them.

Is this a weed?

Is it invasive?

Should I pull it?

Heather said...

@The Empress...This is modernly considered a weed, but I definitely don't call it that! ;-) It's one of the most beneficial herbs that we have, both for healing and strengthening the body and it's immune system. So if you have the room, definitely don't pull it! You can go here ( ) to read about how to use it, preserve it, etc... Happy Planting! =)